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Dec 14

You’ve heard this before…


Dec 04


How do you keep people from treating you disrespectfully? I’ve found that the more you treat others as though they’re the most valuable people in the world, the less desire people will have to treat you with disrespect. You can prevent them from wanting to disrespect you by treating them with love and honor regardless of, and without judging, whether or not they deserve it.

Dec 03

Feeling Good is a Choice

How Great is it image

Lessons I’m continuing to learn.

Nov 16

Choose to choose


Take control of your life. You can do it.

Nov 10

Navigating the River of Life

Life takes work. You either work at it, or it works you over.

Nov 06

Who is in control here?

How did you get to this place, right here, right now, with the people that are here and the things that are here, wearing what you’re wearing with the attitude you have? We control so little of everything that goes into this moment. But we do have complete control over one thing… Shouldn’t we take charge of that and use it to our benefit?

Oct 31

Be Yourself!

You have to be yourself. If you’re not, then how will you know if you are who you want to be?

Oct 28

Negative Voices

Don’t let your mind destroy your confidence. The enemy works from the inside out.

Oct 27

How ya doin?

Interacting with people even in the most casual way can have a profound impact on them.

Oct 26

Expect it!

What you expect to happen is the only thing you’ll be able to see. Expecting great things is a prerequisite to being able to see great things when they occur.