Who am I?

Who am I?

I was born in Long Beach California in 1964. I am an Aquarius. I am a strong believer in natural laws. I am a father of four fantastic sons. I am a software developer. I am an entrepreneur. I am friendly, loving, and encouraging. I have strong beliefs, great goals, and a set of practices that I follow in order to ensure that I am working within my beliefs and working toward my goals.

What do I believe?

  • I believe in God! I believe that God has given me everything I need to be successful in this world and that He will continue to do so as long as I do my best to earn that success through honest and faithful service to Him. I devote myself to success and I believe that success is always the result of intelligent, intentional, thoughtful, and purposeful effort, and never depends on luck or dishonesty. I don’t believe you can be successful if you accomplishments come at the cost of, or hinder the success of others. I don’t believe that any success can last if it isn’t built on a strong foundation of truth, honesty, and fairness to others. I believe that true success comes from helping others be successful. That the happiness and accomplishment I feel from achieving goals for myself pales in comparison to the happiness and accomplishment I feel when I help others achieve their goals.
  • I believe that as people we are an example to others and as a result I have an obligation and responsibility to live my life well and in every circumstance to set an example that coincides with my beliefs and brings glory to God.
  • I believe that through God I can do all things. I can accomplish anything and everything that I set my mind to accomplish by working persistently, aggressively, and continuously toward it’s attainment.
  • I believe that my ability to accomplish my goals is amplified by having a strong network of people that believe as I do, are devoted to accomplishing their goals, and dedicated to helping me accomplish mine. I believe that my ability to be successful within that network is predicated on working diligently to help each of them and others to be successful as well.
  • I believe in people. I believe that every single person is endowed with special gifts that allow them to contribute to this world things that others cannot. I believe that anything I can accomplish on my own can be accomplished quicker, easier, and better with the cooperation of other people. I believe that in order to garner that cooperation and utilize people’s gifts, I need to be a person that has a pleasing, pleasant, and like-able personality, is willing to share my gifts with them, and to put their goals ahead of my own.
  • I believe that you get out of life is exactly what you put into it; that what you experience in life is a reflection of what you cause others to experience. I believe that we are all connected so that what I say about you and think about you, and how I treat you is really a reflection of what I think about myself and how I expect that I’ll be treated.
  • I believe that the thoughts that I allow to dominate my mind determine what my day is going to be today and what my future is going to be tomorrow. That thoughts are like seeds that take root in our hearts and are nourished by our words. They influence our actions and our actions are the vines and branches that produce the fruit of those thoughts into our lives.

What am I working to accomplish as a result of believing what I believe?

  • I am working diligently to build a pleasing, pleasant, and like-able personality that is motivated solely out of love for other people and always sees others from God’s perspective. A personality that is cooperative, enthusiastic, creative, imaginative, fun-loving, happy, patient, trusting, trust-worthy, confident, encouraging, kind, compassionate, and not easily frustrated. A personality that people enjoy being around and want to spend time with, share with, to trust in, believe in, and to seek my help when they need help. A personality that genuinely enriches the lives of the people I come into contact with by consistently sharing love, kindness, patience, and acceptance.
  • I am working diligently to get out of debt and to stay out of debt.
  • I am working diligently to build my company such that it will become big enough and strong enough to support jobs for each and every one of my sons. Good jobs that allow them to own cars, homes, and support their families in abundance. Strong enough that it will allow them to give their children jobs, and their children’s families jobs for years to come.

What are my practices?

  • I will always do my absolute best at everything I do. I will expect that God is filling my life with abundance. I will always doing more than that which I am paid, expected, or is my fair share. I will remind myself daily of who I am and what I am trying to accomplish; that God is the sole source of everything I am and everything I will be, everything I have, and everything I will have, everything I’ve achieved, and everything I will achieve and that He deserves and I will give Him all the praise and glory.
  • I spend time every day toward visualizing the goals of my group and sending them thoughtful, encouraging messages, that reflect my belief in their ability to accomplish their goals. I demand of myself persistent, aggressive, and continuous action toward the attainment of my goals. I work diligently to remove from my character all negative attributes such as hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, cynicism, intolerance, impatience, and insecurity and to replace them with a genuine, heartfelt, love for life and for each and every person that I meet. I vow, every single day, that I will never enter into a transaction unless it benefits each and every person that it effects. I control my thoughts by only allowing thoughts that coincide with my desires for my future such as a pleasing and pleasant personality, great wealth, great success, and an abundance of love and support to share with my family and friends. I induce people to help me because I help them first. I cause people to trust and believe in me because I trust and believe in them and I believe in myself.
  • I believe in people, even and especially when, they fail to live up to my expectations, or when they do things that disappoint me. I am patient with people and I always treat and think of them with love and respect. I support them when they struggle. I comfort them when they’re sad.  I am honest, loving, compassionate, attendant, and accepting. I look for opportunities to meet new people and to find and remember something uniquely positive about each and every one of them.

This is my constitution and I recite it aloud each and every day because I know that by doing so it will empower me with the ability to control my thoughts which influence my actions and direct the course my life. I know that it is through God’s design that this is possible and through his power that I am capable. I devote myself to be successful each and every day, as I do again today by vowing to myself, to God, to my partner, to the members of my group, to my kids, to my family, to my friends, to the people I work for and the people I work with,  to my business partners, and to anyone else that will pay attention, “That I will continue to practice the contents of this creed every moment of every day” and that, “I will continue to work diligently towards accomplishing my goals every single day” until I have accomplished everything I intend to accomplish in this world.


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