Dec 14

You’ve heard this before…

Thank you!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and helping me through your comments to sharpen my writing skills.

Today I am going to write about something that is near and dear to my heart. Today I am going to talk about diligence. But, not directly. I’m going to talk about diligence in the form of making specific changes to your habits in an effort to align them with your beliefs.

  1. We all want to be happy.
  2. We decide whether we are happy or not.

Let me ask you, do you believe that life happens TO you? Or, like me, do you believe that life and your ability to be successful within it, happens as a result of how you respond to what happens to you?

Hopefully you believe the latter, that life is a product of what happens and how you respond to what happens. In a very real sense, life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens for you. Right? I mean, how fun would life be if nothing ever happened? If you never had to make any choices? If you weren’t given the opportunity to grow, to overcome challenges, and to learn?

You’ve heard this before. Right? We are not victims of this world! Everything that happens is an opportunity for us to learn, grow, overcome, succeed, etc. Right? So what’s the problem? We know this. We believe this. So why is it that we still get upset or angry or frustrated when life happens around us? Why is it that we aren’t completely excited and happy 100% of the time?

Habit. We are creatures of habit. We literally could not get up in the morning if we hadn’t made a habit out of the act of standing up, balancing our body over our legs, and putting one foot in front of the other. The fact that we can accomplish such a great deal is a testimony to the fact that we create and run programs (habits) in our mind. We create habits on top of habits and become very adept at running them automatically. We actually make a habit out of using our habits.

Unfortunately, as we grow and learn about this life, we need to rethink our current habits and create new habits that replace the defective ones. How do we do that? How do we completely rewrite our though processes that we put in place years ago? How can we challenge our own minds to adopt new habits to replace the ones we are now finding don’t work as well as they did in the past?

What we’re talking about today is the habit of acting as though things that happen in this world happens TO us, or that we have to react to it. In our minds, we know that, “life doesn’t happen TO us. Everything that happens is an opportunity!” But in practice, we have to stop and think about things a little while and look in retrospect to see the good in things. Why? Because we have a habit of seeing things the way we’ve always seen them and we haven’t take the time to change those habits.

How do we change our habits? You’ve probably heard this before. You change your habits by working diligently. Say to yourself, right now, “I am not a victim of the things that happen in this life! Everything that happens is an opportunity!” Say it again and again. After you’ve said it a few times you will probably feel empowered to see things as an opportunity. So. Is that enough? Are we ready to beat the habit yet? Can we now see things as opportunities 100% of the time? No… probably not.

We have to put more diligence into it than that. We have to make a habit out of it. Napoleon Hill likened habits to paths. Think of a path in a pasture. The tendency is for us to take the path that is worn. To break that habit, we have to first create a new path. We’ve done that already by deciding what that habit is. We have defined the path we want to take. By repeating the statement, “I am not a victim of the things that happen in this life! Everything that happens for a reason!” we have actually walked the path a couple of times. However, it’s not worn in yet.

We need to do two more things. First, we need to set up a series of obstacles that prevent us from taking our old path (automatically). And, we have to give that old path enough time without walking it, that the pasture regrows and covers it up. Fortunately, we can do this at the same time.

Set up a series of obstacles to your old habit. There isn’t much you can do to physically  keep your mind from thinking. The only way you can set up obstacles to your old thought patterns is to remind yourself over and over of the desire to use the new pattern. So, as you did earlier, say to yourself, “I am not a victim of the things that happen in this life! Everything that happens for a reason!” Say it again, and again, and again. Then, when you’re prepared to use the new thought path, seek out opportunities to use it. Find situations where you may have otherwise been frustrated, aggravated, or annoyed and make a different choice. Look at them from a different perspective and make it a habit of looking at them and wondering, “Where is the opportunity?” “How can I learn from this?” “How can I see this so that it helps me be successful?”

Stay prepared! Put visual reminders up in your office, on your bedside table, on your phone’s background, in your chat status, etc. Set reminders and alarms to go off and remind you to remind yourself to prepare yourself for things that are or may be happening in your life. You have to realize what you’re up against. Our minds are powerfully adept and creating and using habits. We have spent a great deal of time building the habits we have. We have worn smooth those pathways and that makes it easy to quickly traverse them. If you’re to be successful at making change, you have to take every opportunity, use every means available to you, and set your mind on success!

You’ll find it very empowering when you practice making this a habit. The first time your habit kicks in and your first impulse is to see the opportunity, you will be amazed at the power it gives you. Knowing that you can become whomever you desire is a very empowering reality. It actually gives you a feeling of accomplishment, control, and removes whatever feelings might exist that make you doubt yourself.

Be aware that this is not magical. This doesn’t work unless you are diligent and work at it. Life doesn’t come with a remote, if you want it to change you have to get up and change it yourself.



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