Nov 10

Navigating the River of Life

Mother Nature does not tolerate idleness. Think about it a minute. Do you know of anything in the universe that isn’t moving or being acted upon by nature, time, or the elements? Nothing in nature stands still. Everything is either moving or changing constantly.

Our lives are in a continual state of change. Our bodies are aging and growing, The world is changing around us. Our families and friends are changing and growing. Nothing stays the same.

Life is like a river.

Life, like a river is always changing. A river is always in motion and nothing we can do will stop it from flowing. In this analogy, it’s like we are in a boat in the middle of the river. If we find somewhere on the river, or on the shore that we want to go to you can say that is a goal that we have set or that we want to achieve. When we’ve chosen a destination, we can point the boat in that direction and throttle up the motor in order to move toward it. This takes effort and focus. As the river continues to flow, we have to continually adjust the direction of the boat in order to remain headed toward the destination. The boat requires fuel and if we don’t fill the gas tank, the motor will not run. If the motor doesn’t run, we become stranded without the ability to direct the course of the boat. We find ourselves being taken wherever the river wants to take us. In the same way, if we don’t set a destination that we want to move toward, then we are just sitting on the river of life letting it take us wherever it happens to go.

Life requires effort. We can either put effort into life by setting a destination or goal and pushing ourselves toward it or we can sit there and let life push us wherever it may. We can put forth effort and continually fill our tank with positive thoughts and encouraging ideas, or we can run out of gas and fall victim to the worlds power and influence.

If we stop pushing ourselves toward our goals life can and usually does take it’s toll on us anyway. It can take us and smash us into the rocks of life.. Recovering and reacting to being tossed around by life also takes effort, and it hurts when we get smashed up against the rocks. So, either way, whether we set a goal and work toward a goal, or whether we do nothing and get smashed up against the rocks, we are still going to put forth effort. We are still going to experience life as a result of our inattention.

I encourage you to put for the effort to create and work toward a goal in your life. To continually look for methods of filling your motivational gas tank. To work at life even when you’re stressed, tired, worn out, or otherwise unable to put your everything into it. Understand that everybody has things that they are challenged with and you are not alone. Find someone that helps you and supports you and give to them support in return. I can tell you from experience, that without any doubt, relationships with people are your key to a successful journey.

I know from experience that our worst enemy is our own self. When we overcome that negative person inside of us that tells us we are not worth it; that tells us we can’t make mistakes; that tells us we aren’t good or deserving. Once we overcome that evil person, then and only then can we allow ourselves to be free to make mistakes and to fail. The greatest accomplishments of all time were preceded by the greatest failures of all time. So, pick a goal. Feel free to make mistakes and to learn from them. Keep your engine full of motivation and encouragement. Take the captain’s seat and enjoy your journey.

I believe in you!


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  1. Lynell

    My hat is off to your asttue command over this topic-bravo!

  2. Lovie

    Cheers pal. I do apprecaite the writing.

  3. Josh Bulloc

    Many of the people I encounter are looking for things to stay the same in the world. They do not embrace the change. Then when the world changes they wonder why they are left behind. It was them that stayed the same and the world moved on.

    1. Dan Prince

      So true … and sad. That’s one of the reasons I wrote this article. I have people in my life that I love dearly who grow more and more irritated everyday that the world is growing and changing in ways they don’t believe is right; that people act and communicate in ways they don’t think is acceptable; that people don’t know the etiquette that they expect them to have. As a result they have changed into someone they never wanted to be. Bitter instead of loving. Grouchy instead of jovial. Offended instead of accepting.

      The world is changing and we must change with it. We should, in my opinion, set our eyes on the goal of being loving, happy, and accepting and then find a way to steer our boats toward that spot on shore.

      1. Nettie

        I was raelly confused, and this answered all my questions.

      2. Lucka

        These tiocps are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.

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