Oct 27

How ya doin?

I asked someone this question once and his answer, albeit interesting, made a profound statement about his philosophy on life.  I said to him, “How’s it going today?” It was about 8 AM when I asked him and he replied, “It’s too early to tell!” With a smile on his face he added, “And by noon, it’ll be too late to care!”

Now, this happened many years ago and I am curious why I still remember it today. Perhaps it’s because it has such a potential impact on how I live my life today and everyday. Truth be told, I don’t truly think he was stating what he believed. He was probably just being funny. Perhaps he knew that I was not truly asking about how his day was, but just being friendly and acknowledging him in a friendly way.

Either way, my point is this. We shape our day, everyday, by the words we let fly from our mouths. Today, make a point of believing the opposite of what he said. When someone asks you, “How ya doing?” Respond with “I am really doing great, and I expect that it will only get better!” When you say it, mean it, believe it, and accept it.

Seriously, give it a try. When you do, you must know in advance that you will encourage some people by your statement and they will think to themselves, “I’m going to have that attitude too!” Then, there will be others that will think, “Whatever… life isn’t that good. Especially at this job!”

Personally, I think taking the chance to encourage someone who is willing to be encouraged far outweighs the risk of offending someone who intends to be offended. Don’t you?

I believe in you! I believe that you have the power within you to make your life become the dreams that you have for your future. You have the power to do GREAT things. You are intelligent. You are friendly. You are significant and you matter a great deal to the people you share your love and friendship with. You can, and you will meet your goals. There is no such thing as failure. There is only the unwillingness to try, or to keep trying.


  1. Charlee

    Always the best content from these pordgiiuos writers.

  2. Patty

    Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thurogh.

  3. Josh Bulloc

    I think my reply to this question is one of the reasons I am able to make so many friends. I always answer with something like good or great and sometimes I might throw in an awesome. The funny thing is that I may nit be that happy but my mental state always makes me automatically answer in the positive. Maybe it is my want to make others happy, I don’t know. Dan, great job, I really enjoy reading these.

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