Oct 26

Expect it!

Each day as we begin our journey we need to remind ourselves that we shape our experience in life by what we want and by what we are willing to see and believe. Today, simply by imagining great things will happen, you will be opening a conduit from the universe that allows you see and experience things that would otherwise be invisible to you.

Try something different today. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine right now, that something great is going to happen today. Imagine that what happens is tremendously
encouraging. Or maybe it is enlightening. Perhaps it is profitable or increases your position in life. Imagine that this thing is so awesome that it actually defines your day. Nothing else that happens today compares in magnitude to this thing and this thing is GREAT. But, don’t decide what it is. Don’t limit this thing by your imagination. Just imagine that it will be great and awesome. Imagine the feeling you’re going to have when it happens. Imagine the joy you’re going to feel throughout the day as you realize that this thing really did happen. Imagine, tonight, looking back on your day and feeling like it was the best day you’ve had in a long time.

Now, open your eyes and begin to look for something to happen. Expect it to happen when you look around you. Expect it to happen when you interact with people you meet. Expect it to happen as you travel down the street, walk through the park, or when you’re simply sitting at your kitchen table. Expect it to happen when your phone rings. Expect it to happen when you turn on the TV. Look for it immediately at every step and every turn. Most importantly, continue to look for it all day until it happens. Then, when it happens, continue to look for it. Why? Because often, as we get closest to our dreams, the enemy will plant a diversion to distract us. What looks like something great may be minimally great compared to what is just ahead. So keep expecting it! Believe it. Live it. See it.

There is no greater power on earth than your mind’s ability to believe and create.


  1. Josh Bulloc

    Great job on this one. I like to visualize but I love your concept of not being specific so there are more open opportunities.

  2. dbirdsnest

    I have tried this every day since I read it and have had fantastic days! Thank you!

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